Condo Realty

Our past, our future, together with you...

Condo Realty LLC was founded by Barry Cyr in 1999. At the time, Barry was a real estate broker and working as a property manager. He noticed the need for experts in the area of condominiums both in real estate and management. Barry has a background in home construction, real estate brokerage and property management. He is a proud alumni of the University of Hartford, graduating with honors with a degree in engineering (BSEET). He also continues to take continuing education both in property management and real estate. He currently holds a Connecticut Real Estate Broker's and Community Association Manager License. He also maintains certification as a certified property manager (CMCA).

Our offices are located at 169 Main Street, Manchester, CT. We have a local Attorney that shares our office space, Attorney Vincent Purnhagen. Attorney Purnhagen is an expert in real estate and all Connecticut laws having to do with condominium associations. Having legal council at the ready has been an asset to our firm and the clients we manage.

We strive to provide superior management services to our clients by avoiding conflicts of interest. We operate for the best interests of our clients. We manage every property as if we lived there. We specialize in improving property values while being fiscally responsible. We maintain honesty and integrity. We are particular as to the clients we have and the properties we manage. Property management is not just a paycheck to our company. We take pride in our clients and the work we do every day.

All work is performed by sub-contractors to avoid any conflicts of interest and to maintain a fair bidding process.

We are meticulous with accounting and are very transparent with reporting. We have knowledgeable and degreed accounting staff to handle any questions.

Condo Realty embraces technology. Each client has a web page that is maintained in a timely fashion. rules, bylaws, financials, and notices are posted as the board of directors direct. In addition, we have proprietary email software that can notify residents within seconds of important news and events. Our software is custom written for our company with the features our clients expect. In addition to the web site, residents can pay common fees directly through electronic means.

We have a 24 hour paging service and return all calls within a reasonable time frame. During the majority of business hours, our phones are answered live by a knowledgeable and friendly staff person. We realize that effective communication and transparency is the key to creating and maintaining a thriving condo community.

Over the last 22 years we have developed strong relationships with vendors of all types within the property management and construction market. These relationships are of great value to our clients as our goal for proper maintenance is to "do the job once, and do it right". Much of the difficulty with obtaining good workmanship is the proper screening of contractors and developing positive and trusting relationships with the vendors. We have done our due diligence.

Consider Condo Realty

While we are a small company, we provide superior customer service. The majority of our clients have been using our services for over 10 years. Our client turnover is very small. Through good and bad, we are there for our clients to help improve their standard of living. We love what we do and it shows. We would be honored to provide you with additional information about our services.
Thank you for your consideration.


"  We live in a small community and it has been difficult to obtain full service property management. Condo Realty took us on and we were pleased to learn that the level of customer service has been exceptional. We feel like a big client even though we may "not be so big" in the view of other property management firms. We get treated like we are their only client, and we appreciate that ! They have personalized service not often found anymore.   "   S. Franks, South Windsor CT